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Some people believe that breastfeeding in public is inappropriate,unnatural and a form of indecent exposure. These opinions about breastfeeding in public being indecent exposure are not correct. Many indecent exposure laws have a clause which excuse breastfeeding mothers from any criminal statutes.

In America every state has a specific law that allows mothers to breastfeed anywhere, except for two states which only limit the public places in which a  mother can breastfeed.

A global review shows that there are no laws that prohibit woman from breastfeeding in public in other countries. Therefore breastfeeding in public is not classed as indecent exposure.

Due to advertising sexualizing the female breast it has drawn a stigma around the breast, leading people to have opinions that breastfeeding is either unnatural or inappropriate.

This is why the government needs to step in to devise a campaign to inform people that breastfeeding mothers have rights. That breastfeeding in public is not indecent exposure and that breastfeeding is a natural act.




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