Counter claim and Rebuttal.

Some people find breastfeeding in public offensive. There may be various reasons why they think this. Some of which are that they see the female breast as a sexual object, others believe that breastfeeding in public is indecent exposure and some just believe that breastfeeding is inappropriate or unnatural.

There are also cultural sensitivities to breastfeeding in a public place as well. Some cultures believe that a woman should be completely covered at all times, which would affect a woman’s ability to breastfed her child.

However although some people are opposed to breastfeeding in public, the needs of an infant to feed are greater than a persons sensitivities. Infants need to feed multiple times a day and it is unrealistic for a mother to stay at home to feed her child just because someone may find it offensive to see her feed her infant. It is also a breach of the mothers human rights to be asked to feed her infant in a restroom or cover up.

Just as people have a right to their own opinions about breastfeeding, a mother has an equal right to breastfeed anywhere and at anytime.


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