Introduction/Main claim

Breastfeeding is the most natural  way to feed an infant. Historically before bottles and formula were invented the only way to feed an infant was by a woman’s breast. A woman’s breast is there to serve one main purpose, to feed the infant. But society has sexualized the female breast making it difficult for breastfeeding mothers who choose to feed their babies in public.

Cases of woman being asked to cover up or finish feeding in rest rooms are scattered amongst the news and it is plain to see that discrimination against breastfeeding mothers is a very real thing. Even in the 21st Century.

The law actually protects breastfeeding mothers, wherever they choose to breastfeed. A global review shows that it is a breach of the sexual discrimination act to ask a breastfeeding mother to cover up or to breastfeed in a restroom.

However although the rights of a breastfeeding mother are covered by law, many people are unaware of this and discrimination happens on a daily basis.

A way to bring light to this issue and to inform people of the rights of a breastfeeding mother would be for Government agencies to fund national campaigns, to inform people of the legal rights of a breastfeeding mother in a bid to protect them from further discrimination.




One thought on “Introduction/Main claim

  1. Harris.Dowson says:

    You’ll get no argument from me surrounding this topic, it’s clear cut discrimination and just another horrible show of women’s oppression. Your writing is clear and powerful and offers some nice ideas of how to progress a woman’s right to public breastfeeding. Nice one


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